Real Estate Development

Jupiter Miller Business Park Redevelopment Project Underway in the Industrial District

It all starts with a "can do" attitude. Thanks to a business-friendly city leadership, high taxes won’t eat up all your profits, and impossible regulations won’t eat up all your time. After all, time isn’t just money - it’s your money.

The City’s zoning and business regulations make it easier for small business and entrepreneurs to set up shop. Employers will find a local work force that’s educated and hard-working. And employees will find an overall quality of life that’s easy to afford and equally easy to live with.

Community Plans

The City of Garland’s Long-Range Planning division coordinates the long-range planning activities in Garland. This section is responsible for the creation and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, a tool setting forth goals, recommendations, policies and implementation programs for guiding the development of Garland.

The Long-Range Planning Division also oversees a variety of planning projects, including planning for downtown revitalization, transit-oriented development and other projects. To learn more about Envision Garland or other current projects, visit the long-range planning page.

Permitting & Zoning

Whether you are a development or design professional working on a commercial enterprise or new residential subdivision, a contractor seeking a permit, or a prospective business owner, the City of Garland Permitting and Zoning Center is designed to quickly provide the information you need.

For a process overview, pre-submittal meeting information and a resource center that includes city-wide plans, development regulations, applications and fee information, visit the permitting and zoning section.

Special Districts

Concentrating limited public sector resources in strategic areas will have a positive “ripple effect” in surrounding neighborhoods and commercial districts. The City of Garland partners with private developers and businesses to build new or renovate key places in Garland in a way that meets broader community aspirations.

An overview and map of the Catalyst and Targeted Investment Areas can be found on the special districts page.

Property Search

Garland offers a wide variety of properties and vast opportunities for growth.

If you have any questions or would like us to run a property search, please email economic development or call us at 972-205-3800.