Current Projects

Project NameProject TypeProject LimitsContact
ArapahoStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
AzaleaAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Azalea/WaitsAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Blue CreekStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Broadway BoulevardStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Camilla/FirstAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Castle Rock/PicadillyAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
ChicosaStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Alex DeLaCruz
ChicosaStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Club CreekStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Club Creek Ct.Street Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Country Valley/Club MeadowAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Tim Tumulty
EmberwoodStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Faircrest/WillowcrestAlley RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
Firewheel FarmsStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
First - Broadway to Miller
Street Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
First - Casalita to SouthwoodStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Forest LaneStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
FreeportStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Golden Gate Park SubdivisionStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
GuthrieStreet RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry
LindaStreet Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Alex DeLaCruz
MartindaleStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Meandering/Riviera/ParisAlley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Oates/WaikikiAlley ReconstructionMap (PDF)Miguel Carrillo
Oates/Waikiki Avalon to RosehillAlley Reconstruction
Map (PDF)Miguel Carrillo
O'BanionStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Piccadilly/Castle Rock Alley Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
RosehillStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
San Carlos/San ClementeAlley Reconstruction
Map(PDF)Miguel Carrillo
ShariStreet ReconstructionMap (PDF)Dustin Karlovich
Sleepy Hollow/WestbrookAlley ReconstructionMap (PDF)Alex DeLaCruz
SunningdaleStreet Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Van Ness Street Rehabilitation
Map (PDF)Travis Perry
Village Glen Phase IIAlley RehabilitationMap (PDF)Travis Perry