What is inside the museum?

The Landmark Museum contains Garland-specific historical artifacts and documents, all donated to and maintained by the Garland Landmark Society. This collection focuses on the period between 1850 and the present. One of our most unique exhibits is our touchscreen, where you can watch Garland videos and interact with a map that shows how Garland has grown and changed through the years.

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1. What is the museum’s address?
2. When is the Landmark Museum open? And why is it not open more?
3. How much is admission to the Landmark Museum?
4. Do you do field trips for schools, seniors, scouts, or private tours?
5. Can I go inside the Tinsley-Lyles House or the 1910 Pullman Coach Car? And when will they be open to the public?
6. What is inside the museum?
7. How can I learn more about Garland history?
8. What does the Garland Landmark Society do and how can I join?
9. How do I volunteer?
10. I am looking for historic Garland photos to purchase. Who do I contact?